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Used Articles For Sale

Are My Articles Worth Selling?

Do you have so much academic literature stuffed in your cabinet, and you wonder what to do with it? Do you burn it? Of course not. That’s a terrible option. Just reminisce for a minute the labor you put into all those essays, the sleepless nights, the sacrifices, and the money. Sharing your academic literature with other students is a better option, and you can even earn an extra dime from doing so.

Some questions that are running through your mind include; would anyone care to buy my articles? How do I even start? Well, if you know google, you know you can research just about anything. But let’s first dissect your two concerns:

Is anyone willing to buy my used articles?

While you may think shallow of your article, trust me, there are many students ready to buy school essays. Hence, get those articles dusted off; your shelves are about to be empty, and you are about to get richer. 

You may be hesitant thinking that your content is obsolete; please erase that thought from the head and realize that education is life-long and doesn’t get old. Also, the American syllabus hasn’t changed and what this means is; your essay articles are as relevant as the ones you used to outsource information from when researching. 

Students of all levels are required to write essay homework of different kinds, and sometimes they get weary from all these assignments, thus end up buying school essays. Flashback to your middle school, high school, and college days; did you ever buy an article? You bet the answer is yes. If you never did, then you are aware of peers who bought school projects.

I hope you now see how your articles mean much to not just you but to a broader market across the US too.

How do I get started?

Selling those articles will require a strategy. You first need to ask yourself, do I have copies of these articles in soft copies? If the answer is yes, not only will you sell the hard copies in your hood, but you can also sell the soft copies online. The next thing is to come up with a communication strategy. Who am I targeting, and how can I reach them? You can start with the word of mouth if your target is your younger siblings or neighborhood students' peers.

Before you embark on selling your used articles, you must ensure that they are quality and relevant. Some of the aspects they should contain include:

  • Well-structured sentences
  • Properly formatted work
  • Correct grammar
  • Sources of information
  • Citations

If you are confident that your articles portray all these features, you can go ahead and start sharing information with a needy market.


The hugest impediment towards you selling your articles will be procrastination and lack of confidence, but I urge you just to get started and get going. You will soon reap the fruits of your hard work and even find yourself selling other people’s articles at a commission.

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