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Best Article Writing Sites

Pros of Freelance Writing

You can never sleep hungry if you have good writing skills. Writing is an ultimate hustle for many people, and the majority live quite comfortably. You must be interested in writing, and I’m pretty sure you want to take your skills to the next level.

It wouldn’t be just if I didn’t confess that I like to admire freelance writers. Why is this case? Let’s have a look at some of the advantages that they enjoy:

  • First, who earns from working from home? The convenience is admirable. Then heck, you even work in your pajamas. Wow.
  • Second, you receive payment upfront, weekly, or fortnightly. Again, wow.
  • Third, you can carry out your other chores stress-free.
  • Fourth, you can conduct business and work part-time.
  • Lastly, you acquire a vast customer base that builds your reputation in writing.

Indeed writing is a lucrative career that, if paid attention to, can elevate a person to greatness not just financially but also mentally. 

Credible Article Writing Sites to Consider

We have established that you are a writer and wish to earn money from writing online. Great, let’s look at some agencies that you can be on the lookout for a while reviewing the most convenient one for you.


The Hubpages platform is easy to get started with and very simple to navigate. Writers are required to send in an article of 700+ words, and it should be free of grammar mistakes. If it gets approved, you are in. Writers a paid by check, and the minimum amount is usually $100.


BubbleWS incorporates a mix of revenue sharing and social networks. You earn $0.01 per view and $0.01 for every comment, like, or share on social media when people interact with your article. Once you earn $50 or more, you get paid via PayPal.


This platform offers a fixed rate payment to its writers. A 150-word article is rated at $1.25, and the minimum payout is $20. If your work gets rejected at some point, you will not be paid for the task. Also, if you get 4-star reviews for 30 articles, you are promoted to a premium writer, and if the reviews are 4.5 for 30 articles, you are upgraded to an elite writer. Each time you are upgraded, you earn more.


Textbroker strictly for US citizens and only requires writers to submit their article upon registration. Your work is then reviewed and rated from 2-5. Writers earn between $0.007 and $0.05 a word, depending on their rating. Payouts are made weekly via PayPal, the minimum being $10.


At Pukitz, bloggers focus on a particular niche market ranging from academia, lifestyle, health, fashion, etc. until at least one has written 30 articles. Writers earn $0.50 per 500 words article once their article is edited and published. 


When looking for a site to partner with, always exercise caution while selecting one. Many writers have fallen prey to conmen purporting to own legit writing agencies to receive quality content from hardworking writers and abscond payment.

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