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Articles For Sale Sites

Navigating Through Article Selling Sites 

Writing is your daily hustle and in fact, receiving new orders to work on is a thrill that many authors look forward to. Unfortunately, there are challenges such as declined or canceled orders where the writer is left with unpaid articles. Let your spirits not be dampened if this happens to you. Realize that other writers encounter the same experience, and there’s some saving grace you can explore to reduce the loss.

There are sites where authors can sell articles, and below we list points of what you need to know before sub-contracting such agencies:

  • You are expected to wait for a buyer to purchase your article after you upload it.
  • If it gets sold, the site takes a commission of the amount sold, and you get the rest.
  • Your article gets exposed to a broader market than you would ever reach on your own.
  • Some sites con desperate authors; hence you must conduct due diligence on them.
  • Also, your article may take too long before its sold; it could even be never.

The advantage of subcontracting other sites to help sell your article outweighs its downside. Hence, an author should be patient during the process and wait for luck. At least it's better knowing that your work is out there, and someone may buy it rather than letting it sit dusty on shelves.

Credible Sites for Writers to Sell Their Articles

As an author, you want to partner with a genuine company that attracts buyers. Such established agencies have reliable sites that customers feel safe when buying articles from. Some of the places you can consider are listed below: 

Constant content

This platform expects sellers to upload their content, and when an interested buyer purchases the article, the author receives 65% of the payment while the agency keeps the rest. A rule of the thumb for the agency is that writers who partner with them must undertake their editor-approved application process.

Swarm content

Do you want your full 100% pay? Swarm content is a popular site that allows writers to post their unpublished articles to their target market. Credit due is given to the writers based on a hierarchy that includes the number of articles they sell from the blog. This means that a writer must strive to write quality content and improve their rating to become a top seller on their site.

Dot Writer

This platform allows the writer to cash in 80% profit of the sale and what’s more; PayPal deducts only $10 during cash out. The more your articles sell, the higher your hierarchical level. They, however, dictate how much to pay authors. For example, Standard writers earn 2 cents per word, Premium writers 4 cents per word, and Gold writers 6 cents per word.


Whether you are a freelance writer or contracted writer, there’s a great possibility that you have extra articles that you can sell and earn extra income. Do not hesitate to consider the sites mentioned above and the aspects of article selling discussed earlier.

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