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Quality Article Writing

The Aspect of Quality Article Writing

The emphasis on quality content cannot be ignored in this day and age, thanks to digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Marketers globally have resonated with the power of good content on their brand. On the other hand, bloggers are on the verge of writing prominent articles that are considered worthy when searching for a product or service online.

Let’s start by understanding what quality content entails:

  • Real questions and real answers that people seek from search engines.
  • Information on how to do or find something.
  • Stories that stir conversations on social media.
  • Information that can be shared with or linked to.

As a writer, you aim to create just that, ensure you complete your articles well, and you bet they’ll rank high and become favorites to many users.

Stellar Tips for Writing a Quality Article 

To remain relevant as a writer, you must be watchful of changing trends in the culture. It is worth noting that what was important yesterday may reduce in value today, and you must arm yourself with relevant writing skills for every season. Below is a guide for bloggers while writing articles:

Understanding your target audience

Are you passing across information geared towards couples, students, children, teenagers, youth, or parents? Knowing whom you are communicating is the topmost step towards writing a great article. Once you identify your readers, you need to communicate in an attractive tone that connects with them. Aim to answer their question, let them read what they want to know. After all, Google considers quality content to be that which answers the readers’ questions.

Communicate appropriately

Since by now, you know your audience and what they aspire to learn, strategize on how you can communicate to them. Firstly, note that you need to use a relatable tone. As a writer, you need to have an end in mind. If your goal is to generate leads, you should use a promotive tone to lure readers into buying the product or service. You can also use relevant examples in your article but avoid hard selling by providing a link. Remember, blogs are meant to connect and build relations.


You’ve done such a fantastic job with your content, and you have influenced a vast audience into reading your articles, then suddenly, each time your reader's lookup for new content, there’s none. This is disastrous, and many writers lose credibility from inconsistency. Bloggers must, therefore, ensure they are up to date with content. Besides, regularity improves your articles’ SEO, ranking them top on results when readers search for information.


Every writer must think outside the box. Don’t just serve it bland. Add spices, so your content becomes sweet, and your audience can enjoy reading your articles. Remember that Google and other SEO tools results populate according to the most popular content; hence make sure always to give your articles the attention they deserve.


Remember that the perks of a quality article are rewarding. If you master the tips mentioned above and the features of quality content, you can be sure to write impressive articles that will rank well on several SEO tools. Go ahead, research, and level yourself with other gurus. You can do it!

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Best Article Writing Sites

Pros of Freelance Writing

You can never sleep hungry if you have good writing skills. Writing is an ultimate hustle for many people, and the majority live quite comfortably. You must be interested in writing, and I’m pretty sure you want to take your skills to the next level.

It wouldn’t be just if I didn’t confess that I like to admire freelance writers. Why is this case? Let’s have a look at some of the advantages that they enjoy:

  • First, who earns from working from home? The convenience is admirable. Then heck, you even work in your pajamas. Wow.
  • Second, you receive payment upfront, weekly, or fortnightly. Again, wow.
  • Third, you can carry out your other chores stress-free.
  • Fourth, you can conduct business and work part-time.
  • Lastly, you acquire a vast customer base that builds your reputation in writing.

Indeed writing is a lucrative career that, if paid attention to, can elevate a person to greatness not just financially but also mentally. 

Credible Article Writing Sites to Consider

We have established that you are a writer and wish to earn money from writing online. Great, let’s look at some agencies that you can be on the lookout for a while reviewing the most convenient one for you.


The Hubpages platform is easy to get started with and very simple to navigate. Writers are required to send in an article of 700+ words, and it should be free of grammar mistakes. If it gets approved, you are in. Writers a paid by check, and the minimum amount is usually $100.


BubbleWS incorporates a mix of revenue sharing and social networks. You earn $0.01 per view and $0.01 for every comment, like, or share on social media when people interact with your article. Once you earn $50 or more, you get paid via PayPal.


This platform offers a fixed rate payment to its writers. A 150-word article is rated at $1.25, and the minimum payout is $20. If your work gets rejected at some point, you will not be paid for the task. Also, if you get 4-star reviews for 30 articles, you are promoted to a premium writer, and if the reviews are 4.5 for 30 articles, you are upgraded to an elite writer. Each time you are upgraded, you earn more.


Textbroker strictly for US citizens and only requires writers to submit their article upon registration. Your work is then reviewed and rated from 2-5. Writers earn between $0.007 and $0.05 a word, depending on their rating. Payouts are made weekly via PayPal, the minimum being $10.


At Pukitz, bloggers focus on a particular niche market ranging from academia, lifestyle, health, fashion, etc. until at least one has written 30 articles. Writers earn $0.50 per 500 words article once their article is edited and published. 


When looking for a site to partner with, always exercise caution while selecting one. Many writers have fallen prey to conmen purporting to own legit writing agencies to receive quality content from hardworking writers and abscond payment.

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Best SEO Article Writing Service

Aspects That Will Rank Your Article Top on SEO Tools

The sole purpose of digital media for any business agency is profit maximization. That’s why they invest hefty amounts of money to ensure they use the right tactics to propel customers into their pages. But before we dissect where businesses can seek help with SEO, let’s start by noting three mandate aspects that will improve your SEO. They are highlighted below:

  • Proper use of keywords enables the results of an article to pop up when someone searches information relating to it.
  • An attractive Meta Title that will lure readers into reading the article by grabbing their attention.
  • An informative Meta Description that will give the reader an idea of what the article is all about.

To propel the ranking of any website, writers must pay attention to the aspects discussed above. Once writers get this feature right, they are bound to write great articles for their clients, thereby improving their SEO. This also means more money.

Best SEO Article Writing Services in the US

Having pondered on what makes an excellent article perform well on Search Engine Optimization tools, we ponder credible service providers that help businesses rise to profit maximization. Below are the best SEO article writing services in the US that marketers can consider:

Mad Content

Developed in 2010, Mad Content is based in Ontario; Canada aims to deliver search engine optimized articles. There have been numerous endorsements on the quality of content they offer; hence it is highly recommended for business websites. The charge per word is %0.04 for their SEO article. They also have additional charges such as E-books, newsletters and press releases.

About MyWriters

This platform was established by gurus Mike Pereira and Troy Broussard in Windermere, Florida, who utilized their expertise to improve their website and other business people. Their SEO article cost is $0.03 per word, and if you make more than five orders at once, a discount of $0.005 discount is given to customers.


They are located in Nevada, Texas and established in 2005 to help clients improve their websites’ search rankings. Textbrokers are carefully screened to ascertain professionalism and maintain standard articles. Their SEO article writing cost is $0.024 per word.


Established in Princeton, New Jersey, CorpWriting was developed in 2015 to help business owners and advertising agencies increase visibility while potential clients search for information. Clients enjoy personalized services and quality SEO articles that attract their target market. The charge per word for articles is $ 0.05. 

Writer Access

Founded in 2010, Writer Access is located in Boston, Massachusetts. It vets all its writers to ensure that they only produce quality articles for clients. The cost for a search engine optimized article is $ 0.04 per word. 


The benefit of sub-contracting SEO articles writing services is unmatched. This is because business organizations want to reach a vast target market by increasing their online space visibility. Therefore, hiring the services explained above is a welcome strategy, and you can trust the above-listed agencies to do splendid jobs in improving your rankings.

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Used Articles For Sale

Are My Articles Worth Selling?

Do you have so much academic literature stuffed in your cabinet, and you wonder what to do with it? Do you burn it? Of course not. That’s a terrible option. Just reminisce for a minute the labor you put into all those essays, the sleepless nights, the sacrifices, and the money. Sharing your academic literature with other students is a better option, and you can even earn an extra dime from doing so.

Some questions that are running through your mind include; would anyone care to buy my articles? How do I even start? Well, if you know google, you know you can research just about anything. But let’s first dissect your two concerns:

Is anyone willing to buy my used articles?

While you may think shallow of your article, trust me, there are many students ready to buy school essays. Hence, get those articles dusted off; your shelves are about to be empty, and you are about to get richer. 

You may be hesitant thinking that your content is obsolete; please erase that thought from the head and realize that education is life-long and doesn’t get old. Also, the American syllabus hasn’t changed and what this means is; your essay articles are as relevant as the ones you used to outsource information from when researching. 

Students of all levels are required to write essay homework of different kinds, and sometimes they get weary from all these assignments, thus end up buying school essays. Flashback to your middle school, high school, and college days; did you ever buy an article? You bet the answer is yes. If you never did, then you are aware of peers who bought school projects.

I hope you now see how your articles mean much to not just you but to a broader market across the US too.

How do I get started?

Selling those articles will require a strategy. You first need to ask yourself, do I have copies of these articles in soft copies? If the answer is yes, not only will you sell the hard copies in your hood, but you can also sell the soft copies online. The next thing is to come up with a communication strategy. Who am I targeting, and how can I reach them? You can start with the word of mouth if your target is your younger siblings or neighborhood students' peers.

Before you embark on selling your used articles, you must ensure that they are quality and relevant. Some of the aspects they should contain include:

  • Well-structured sentences
  • Properly formatted work
  • Correct grammar
  • Sources of information
  • Citations

If you are confident that your articles portray all these features, you can go ahead and start sharing information with a needy market.


The hugest impediment towards you selling your articles will be procrastination and lack of confidence, but I urge you just to get started and get going. You will soon reap the fruits of your hard work and even find yourself selling other people’s articles at a commission.

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Articles For Sale Sites

Navigating Through Article Selling Sites 

Writing is your daily hustle and in fact, receiving new orders to work on is a thrill that many authors look forward to. Unfortunately, there are challenges such as declined or canceled orders where the writer is left with unpaid articles. Let your spirits not be dampened if this happens to you. Realize that other writers encounter the same experience, and there’s some saving grace you can explore to reduce the loss.

There are sites where authors can sell articles, and below we list points of what you need to know before sub-contracting such agencies:

  • You are expected to wait for a buyer to purchase your article after you upload it.
  • If it gets sold, the site takes a commission of the amount sold, and you get the rest.
  • Your article gets exposed to a broader market than you would ever reach on your own.
  • Some sites con desperate authors; hence you must conduct due diligence on them.
  • Also, your article may take too long before its sold; it could even be never.

The advantage of subcontracting other sites to help sell your article outweighs its downside. Hence, an author should be patient during the process and wait for luck. At least it's better knowing that your work is out there, and someone may buy it rather than letting it sit dusty on shelves.

Credible Sites for Writers to Sell Their Articles

As an author, you want to partner with a genuine company that attracts buyers. Such established agencies have reliable sites that customers feel safe when buying articles from. Some of the places you can consider are listed below: 

Constant content

This platform expects sellers to upload their content, and when an interested buyer purchases the article, the author receives 65% of the payment while the agency keeps the rest. A rule of the thumb for the agency is that writers who partner with them must undertake their editor-approved application process.

Swarm content

Do you want your full 100% pay? Swarm content is a popular site that allows writers to post their unpublished articles to their target market. Credit due is given to the writers based on a hierarchy that includes the number of articles they sell from the blog. This means that a writer must strive to write quality content and improve their rating to become a top seller on their site.

Dot Writer

This platform allows the writer to cash in 80% profit of the sale and what’s more; PayPal deducts only $10 during cash out. The more your articles sell, the higher your hierarchical level. They, however, dictate how much to pay authors. For example, Standard writers earn 2 cents per word, Premium writers 4 cents per word, and Gold writers 6 cents per word.


Whether you are a freelance writer or contracted writer, there’s a great possibility that you have extra articles that you can sell and earn extra income. Do not hesitate to consider the sites mentioned above and the aspects of article selling discussed earlier.